Cross-referencing to a sub-clause/bullet outside the clause file

Hi! I was trying to refer to a sub-clause/bullet outside the clause file by using a concept (§#concept) but the cross-reference works for the clause only, not the sub-clause/bullet. How does that work?

Hi, Melek! Good question.

First, you need to isolate the sub-clause/bullet you want to refer to by creating a separate clause for it.

Note that if you want the sub-clause/bullet to appear in a particular location, e.g. in the middle rather than as a first or last sub-clause/bullet, then you may need to divide your list of sub-clauses/bullets into parts so that the target clause is isolated. For example, if you have three sub-clauses and you want the target to be the second sub-clause, you need to create three separate clauses for the first sub-clause, the target, and the last sub-clause respectively. The same logic applies for bullets. Then, you can change their location and indentation by clicking the arrows in the direction you wish to move them or by using the browse or search menus to insert the clause above or below any selected clause.

Once you have created a separate clause for the sub-clause/bullet, the basic principles of cross-referencing apply: you can use concepts ( § #concept ) or cross-tags to refer to the relevant sub-clause/bullet. For more information on that, check out this video.

I hope that answers your question!

That answers my question. Thank you, Senne!

Hi Senne, I encountered the same issue.

Your solution offers a practical workaround, but a pretty cumbersome one. If one has already drafted a clause with a list and then needs to split it in different subclauses, that can be quite a lot of a work, certainly with a long list.

It does create new problems as well. A list may not contain the start of the sentence. For instance:

'Party A will insure that:

  • alpha
  • beta’

Should one then only make this introduction into a separate clause, which seems a bit odd?

Additionally, one sometimes opts purposefully for a list because one can choose for LIST, AND or OR. This feature is not available for subclauses where one needs to hardcopy ‘and’ or ‘or’ in one of the clauses. However, it is not certain that this specific sub-clause will always be the one but last clause…

Does Clausebase envisage another way to crossrefence to bullets/parts of lists?

Best regards,



Can you give a more concrete example (with actual numbers & cross-references) of what you want to achieve?

Perhaps also good to have a look at the following, related post in which I explain why these types of cross-references are typically not a good idea from a management (long-term reliability) point of view: