Legal tech in Belgian / European Universities

Are the law programs of Belgian/European universities focussing enough on technology in general and legal tech in particular?

I think the law programs in Belgium and Europe can still do better when it comes to legal tech and technology. It is something new, but something that is going to get really important in the future.

From what I know, legal tech or technology is usually an optional subject or in case the course is mandatory it doesn’t have a lot of credits.

I study practical law myself and we did not get any courses related to technology or legal tech. Which I think is a missed opportunity. It got mentioned a few times during my education, but they never got into it or explained it properly.

Personally, I think universities should include legal tech more into their law programs. Knowing it is going to get more and more important in the future so law students should learn more about is.

Thanks a lot Iva for your contribution and giving us an insight on the status in practical law. You made me realise I actually took the wrong approach for this discussion.

It is obvious there is not enough emphasis on technology in law programs in Belgium (and most of Europe) so how should we correct this issue? Can we make some suggestions to our schools and universities?

Looking forward to your thoughts @iva.wuyts

The more technology becomes a normality in the legal world, the more law programs are going to pay attention to it. Because the legal world is not the biggest fan of technology, it should start with the students. If more students come into contact with technology and legal tech during their education, the chances of these students applying legal tech once they tart working will be higher.

It obviously starts with showing universities and making them realize why technology and legal tech is so important to include in their law programs. They have to realize that teaching a course about legal tech comes with a lot of benefits and will be very useful for the future. Universities can maybe start with including some guest lectures about legal tech and technology and maybe move further from there. Or they could make the optional courses about technology and law mandatory ones.