"1." appearing at beginning of subparagraph in definition

I have a definition with a number of subparagraphs. All is working well, except the first paragraph of the definition of Confidential Information starts with “1.” as text (the subparagraphs are numbered (1), (2), etc):
Any ideas where that “1.” is coming from? Here’s the coded text for that first paragraph:

all commercial, legal, technical, financial and other information relating to #disclosing-party and/or any of its @plural(#-related-person), including, but not limited to information on wages, income, expenditure, ongoing projects and the scale thereof, clients, suppliers, partners, sale and purchase terms and conditions, agreements, sale prices, service fees, management reports, management principles, turnover, profit, operational policy, technologies used, marketing, business development plan, know-how, passwords and security codes as well as other security measures, accounting data, banking transactions, international payments, revenue in bank account or in cash, loans, interest, intention to participate in tenders and auctions, new concepts, technical samples, trademarks, knowledge on sufficiency of software, source codes, commercial intents of any kind, and contact information both with present and potential clients and partners, made available by #disclosing-party, any of @#gender-possessive-disclosing-party @plural(#-related-person) or @plural(#representative) to #recipient, any of @#gender-possessive-recipient @plural(#-related-person) or @plural(#representative), made available before or after execution of #°agreement regardless of the form and way of disclosure of such information

I noticed that you used the following enumeration:


It seems to me that the “1.” is simply coming from the “1.1” in the first limb of your enumeration.

Doh! Thank you! Fixed! :blush: