About copying q&a's

I’m making a new document by copying and changing a couple of things slightly (title and the plain text in one clause from which I need the same datafields). I would love to copy the q&a that was made with the original document, and adapt it also slightly. Since the q&a is full of conditions and was a lot of work… I don’t see how I can duplicate or copy it…

Hi Sarah,

You can duplicate an entire Q&A by going to the file-section in Design Q&A, and clicking “save copy of Q&A”.

In case you want to create multiple Q&As for a single Document, this is all you need to do. (So note that a single document/binder can have an unlimited amount of Q&As associated with it — e.g., a very long one, a very short one, one specifically for a certain audience, etc.)

However, based on your question, it seems that you should not only duplicate the Q&A, but afterwards also switch the underlying document of the duplicated Q&A, so that it points to the new document you are creating. You can do so by, after you have opened the duplicated Q&A, going to this same location in Design Q&A, and clicking on the “change document underlying this Q&A”.

You then end up with the following situation:

  • old document associated with old Q&A
  • duplicated document associated with duplicated Q&A

Is this what you intend to achieve?


yess, thx! I’ll test it soon!

Hi Sarah,

Addendum — you may also want to read about “sharing” cards & conditions. This will help you manage multiple Q&As that are fairly similar (but not identical).



in the first step (save a copy of q&a), i get the following message:

‘save failed (error #[:general “internal server result not of desired type”])’

What can I do?

Just noticed this question was not yet answered by me — apologies.

Can you try again? This glitch may have been related to a recent server update.

this time it worked!