Add all countries as predefines

I have been searching for a way to add all countries as a predefine, but I did not find an answer to my question in the existing documentation.

I wonder if it is possible to automatically add all countries as a predefine and in a Q&A have this displayed as a drop down menu. Or as a field that the user can type in themselves and then click the suggestion. E.g. If he starts typing “Fr”, that it shows “France”.

Or should I work with a spreadbase?

Hi Bernd,

You can either use the Global Placeholders system or the spreadbases. But I think you will like the spreadbases better, because they indeed allow for such a dropdown with type-ahead functionality!

You can then add a list of desired countries through, for example, Excel (one column having the internal code such as “BE” / “FR” / etc., and other ones having the full names, potentially in different languages).

Got it working with spreadbases. This was indeed exactly what I was looking for, thanks!