Adding a datafield to a footer

Hi Maarten,

Is it possible to add a dynamic datafield for a concept to a footer which can be filled out through the Q&A ?

Yes, that is possible. In Assemble Document, go to styling > page > customize default style. Then scroll down to footer, choose the relevant part and just add the reference to the datafield (e.g. #party^name).

A further important point when implementing this in Design Q&A: if the datafield will only be used in the footer (or header), it will not show up in “batch create” or as a datafield for which you can create a question manually (using the option menu), or even in the data dashboard in Assemble Document.

This can be solved by creating an ad hoc clause in your document with a reference to that datafield. To make sure it actually never shows up in the exported document, go to the “enabled?” property of that ad hoc clause and check the “always disable” box.

This makes sure both the data dashboard & the Design Q&A process detects the datafield, but the ad hoc clause itself will never show up in the exported document.