Allowing the Q&A user to change the name of the exported file

In the Q&A part, it would be good to have a question type (or some other function) that would allow the user to change the name of the exported file. Currently, the file name is always the document file name, which usually forces the user to rename it after the download. It would be good to have a possibility to give the user an option to change it before exporting.

Hi Tomas,

This is indeed a very good idea! In fact, we so much liked it, that we immediately implemented it!

So if you refresh your browser and check the manual on, you will see how it works.

Please let me know what you think.

Excellent! Thank you.

By the way, can it work also for exports to e-mail attachments? Currently, it does not.

Solved now. (By the way, filenames of .ZIPs are now also renamed.)

I noticed that if the filename uses accents (e.g. ė, š, ž) they get altered (not supported) upon export. Not sure if this is a bug or simply not supported at this stage? If the latter - will post in feature request section.

This is deliberately done actually — special characters lead to issues (unable to download file) on some browsers. So we “sanitize” the output. I’ll check whether this can be done a bit less thorough.

Hi Tomas,

In the next release (later this week) this should be resolved. Basically any character supported by the operating system in a filename, will be allowed.


Very useful! Will return if I notice any issues.