Attaching PDFs to Clause9 generated documents


I am working on a Q&A and want to set up a condition to attach a pdf that has all fixed text (a brochure for other legal services). I have uploaded the pdf as a file using the image/PDF/MS Word doc. However, I cannot figure out how to add it to the binder, because it is not identifying the PDF as a document.

I tried creating a document with a single clause that was the PDF using the @image function. However, the image is showing that it is broken. Could you please provide some guidance about how to attach PDFs this way?

PS - I saw the MSWord version of this question, but it uses many @Word functions, which I think are not applicable to PDFs.

Hi Elmer,

You’ll want to use the “Change styling” change set for this.

For the type of style you wish to change, select “Page”. Scroll all the way down on the menu that appears and insert the name of the PDF file you wish to insert under “PDF files to merge with”.

Hope that helps!