Automatic translation of addresses in Q&A

I want to allow users to insert an address one time and translate it automatically when the language of the document changes. This will be needed for addresses in Brussels, where street names are different in Dutch and in French.

I incorporated the addresses database of Google Maps with this guide:

However, when I insert an address in Dutch and then change the language of the document to French, the address remains in Dutch. I need to insert it again in order to change it to French.

Therefore I’m wondering whether it is possible to automatically translate addresses when the language changes? It is meant for documents that will always be downloaded in multiple languages.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately Google Maps will only return an address in one single language (i.e., the language that is also used in the popup/dropdown window that is shown while you are searching).

So I’m afraid that, indeed, you will have to manually insert the address in multiple languages.

Tip: not exactly a solution, but you probably will want to enable the “Multi-language answers” option in the Q&A (= not enabled by default).


This will cause multi-language answers to be shown as follows:


That’s a great idea, thank you! It does solve the problem a bit - this way, users won’t forget to insert the address in the different language versions.

On a side note - I am happy that Maartens efforts to make CB truly multilingual are getting appreciated once in a while!

They sure are, CB is ideal for multilingual contracts :smiley: