Basic Q&A question: subset of questions for the client (external user), full set of questions for the lawyer – but with the same document

I understand that part of the versatility of ClauseBase compared to some other automation tools is that one can design many different Q&As and map them to the same underlying document. My question is whether it is possible to utilize Q&As so as to deploy a subset of questions to an external user to answer, and then when that Q&A is brought “in house,” show a more comprehensive set of questions for the lawyer to complete.

I have a document applicable to a new company that I am forming for a client. I want to send the client a Q&A so that the client can answer certain questions directly. But I want this Q&A (or a related Q&A) to contain the client questions (and answers) plus additional “lawyer questions” (e.g., technical matters such as jurisdiction, venue, dispute resolution etc.) that were not visible to the client.

After the client has answered the client Q&A and I, as the lawyer, have answered my questions, then I would be ready to generate the document.

What is the best way to handle this?

1. A first way this can be done, is through conditions that refer to user tags.

Essentially, each user can be assigned one or more tags (e.g., “client”, “lawyer”, “advanced”, …). These tags can then simply become the subject of a condition “has tag” or “does not have tag”. In your situation, you would then such conditions to one or more cards/conditions/changes.

2. In the near future (couple of weeks), we will refine this system of tags, so that you can also add other types of data (dates, numbers, lists of texts, etc.), which can then also be inserted at different layers in the software (at the customer level, at the group level, at the user level, at the document level and/or at the Q&A level). This will add even more possibilities to the conditions you can make.

3. Alternatively, you could also create one “master Q&A” and then several “sub Q&As” that reuse the cards/questions/changes from the master Q&A through the system of “proxies”.

For your use case, you would then have

  • a master Q&A that contains all the questions that are shared between the client & the lawyer
  • a client Q&A with all the questions of the master, plus (optionally) a few questions that are only relevant for a client
  • a lawyer Q&A with all the master Q&A questions, plus additional lawyer-only questions

In recent releases of the platform, you can easily copy & paste answers between different Q&A, so you could then simply copy & paste the questions from the client Q&A into your lawyer Q&A.

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