Binder in a binder


I am wondering whether it is possible to put a binder in a binder?

I am aiming at the following structure:

  • Contract
  • Appendix: Annex I, Annex II,…

Thanks in advance!

Hi Isha,

It is not possible to put a Binder in a Binder. However, in light of the centralised (and re-use focused) nature of ClauseBase, it should generally be fairly easy to just put all the subdocuments of Binder 2 (also) into Binder 1.

In your setup, I would create a Binder with the following subdocuments:

  • Contract
  • Cover page containing just the title “Appendix”
  • Annex I with subject A
  • Annex II with subject B
  • etc.