Blank dates

I have Q&As that generate a draft of a sales agreement with other parties. The agreement will almost never be signed and agreed upon on the date generated. Is there a simple function to include a date that is structured as [Current Month] ____, [Current Year]?

If you want to allow the end-user to select the day of the current month (e.g. using a Q&A question), then the following approaches could be interesting for you:

  • @construct-date(@year-of(@today), @month-of(@today), #concept^some-number-field-containing-the-number-of-the-day)

    This creates a valid date by extracting the year and the month from the current date, and inputting the day of the month (1-31) from a datafield.

    Be aware that the user could fill in a wrong number (e.g., 31 in september would generate an invalid date warning in the resulting contract).

  • @cc-datebox (or, but less nice, @datebox), which would insert a completely empty “form field” in MS Word that allows the end-user to easily pick a date from within MS Word.

If instead you simply want to print the current month into the contract text, followed by some blanks, and then the current year, you could insert:

Signed on @fullmonth(@month-of(@today)) {"_____"}, @format-plain-nr(@year-of(@today))


  • @month-of extracts the number of the current month, and @fullmonth then converts it into a word
  • @year-of extracts the number of the current year, and @format-plain-nr then makes sure that the resulting number is printed without a separator (otherwise it would get printed as 2,021 or 2.021 — depending on your locale styling settings)
  • underscores have a special meaning in ClauseBase, you therefore need to put the underscores in a special expression. @str("____") would also work
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