Bulk rename a concept

Is it possible to rename a concept and at the same time change the clauses that make use of the concept so that you don’t have to manually change the concept in the clauses itself?

For example, the concept #conceptA has the following datafield #conceptA^name and is used in clauses X, Y and Z, but for some reason, it would be better to call the concept #conceptB instead of #conceptA (because it makes more sense). Is there any fast way of not having to change #conceptA^name in clauses X, Y and Z to #conceptB^name manually? If not, I think it would be very useful because sometimes the choices you made in the past were not the most logical ones.

I think this should help:


Just to add to Tomas’ answer:

It is currently possible to bulk-rename datafield-names across all clauses, but not yet possible to bulk-rename the concept itself. I’ll add it to the Feature Requests forum.

See Add a possibility to bulk-rename #concepts within clauses

Thank you both.

In my case, a shortcut is not the best solution, so thank you for adding the feature to the list.

About the shortcut though: in the example on the help page, will non-sollicitation-senior-management-key-employees still work or will it be replaced by the shortcut? Or can both be used? I suppose it will be replaced, like with snippets.

Internally, ClauseBase maps each #hashtag to the ID of the file. For example, if you type #xxx and link it to file nr. 101 with filename “xxx”, and then in some other file link #yyy to that same file 101, then both #xxx and #yyy will ultimately link to file nr. 101.

If you then rename file nr. 101, or you move its location, then this will in no way affect the clauses that use #xxx or #yyy. When you open those clauses, the system will simply lookup “xxx” and “yyy”, respectively, and notice in both cases that they were internally mapped to file nr. 101.

The new feature would simply alter the text everywhere, changing #xxx into #zzz, and then changing the mapping so that #zzz will point to file nr. 101.

Summary: ClauseBase doesn’t really care a lot about the actual hashtag you use, you are free to use whatever hashtag you want. The only reason why you are advised to ideally use the same hashtag as the filename of the concept, is that the system will automatically make the link for you (i.e., when the system is trying to create a link between #xxx and some file, it will try to find a filename “xxx”).

Ok thanks, that’s clear to me.