Can you make an entire clause optional?

I’d like to make an entire subsections conditional. The following section is part of a template and I would like to make it optional, can this be done?
If I try to put it all in a condition the clause numbering style is lost and the number is displayed as basic text and if I exclude the numbering and put the body of the clause in a condition, the number appears with an empty clause when the condition is not met.


Hi Gil,

This is basic functionality, so I’m a bit puzzled about your question.

When you want to make a certain sub-paragraph condition, you put curly braces after the initial number, like the trivial examples below. Is that your question?

Hey Maarten,
Thanks for the quick reply!
Problem is, if I do as you said i just get the number with an empty clause.

Do you perhaps have a space missing between the number and the opening curly brace?

I actually figured it out and it was something else in my condition syntax (tried using true \ false instead of text prompt). Thanks!