Change styling for titles throughout the document

I would like to change the styling of my document and have a different font for titles and sub-titles.
How can I edit the styling of the whole document as opposed to manually changing the custom style of each individual clause?

Hi Federica,

Consistency is key in ClauseBase so if you want to customize the style for all clauses in a document - ensuring consistency - you should do that via the styling pane in the assemble document menu as opposed to the custom styling menu for individual clauses.

To do so, go to the styling menu as depicted in the screenshot below:


To specifically change the styling for titles and sub-titles, go to the “Headings” menu and click “Customize default style”


ClauseBase allows up to nine different heading levels, that can be individually configured as for alignment, spacing, font, numbering, text flow, borders and background. You can edit the style of titles and sub-titles under the “font” tab.


Hope that helps!

Thank you for the clear explanation!