Change title uploaded documents


Is there a way to adapt the title of an uploaded document (like you can adapt author, client, dossier, etc…)? We have the impression that it is currently auto-generated?


Hi Tom,

No, this is not currently possible, because that title is currently automatically extracted (which is not 100% correct). But I agree that it should be possible, I just put this on the short-term roadmap.

Hi Tom, I support your request. However, I found a workaround in some cases. I uploaded a PDF file and couldn’t get ClauseBuddy to take my own document title. The workaround for me was to convert the PDF file to a Word file and change the file name before uploading to Truffle Hunt. That did it for me (kind of, because it still forces non-capital letters to small letters).

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Hi Tom / Bernd,

In the software version that will be published this weekend, you can edit the title of an uploaded Truffle document.

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