Changing colors in only one cell of a table

I am implementing an audit report in ClauseBase and I want to change the color of one cell in the middle of a table (so not the first row).

The text “Compliant” or “Not compliant” needs to appear in red or green. It doesn’t matter if it’s the font or background color of the cell that changes.

How can I implement this?

I tried it with internal snippets, but that doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Isha,

Instead of putting an individual cell’s content in the snippet, you’ll want to put the entire table in the snippet. I just tried this out with a modified version of your clause on my personal Sandbox account and it works as intended:

Dynamically changing the background color of a specific cell is not possible, but you can use embedded tables (i.e. mini tables within a larger tables) that have their own background set.

In the example below, you can of course subject the @DELTA to any condition you like. For example, you could have a @DELTA-RED in background red and some other @DELTA-BLUE in blue, etc.

It worked, thank you!