Clauses styled as document titles in a table of content

I am creating a binder (ID: #1233512) of a contract with multiple addenda and using some clauses as document titles, whereby I have written the intended title text in the content body and styled the clause as a document title in custom styling. However, these clauses do not seem to appear in the auto-generated tables of contents as titles for those documents like the regular document titles do. What can I do?

Hi Leevi,

TOC entries will only be picked up by Microsoft Word if they are tagged with a certain style.

Assigning a “document title” custom style to a clause means that that clause’s title content paragraphs will receive a style that will get picked up for the TOC. However, the body content of the paragraph will not get picked up. As suggested by your question, when I inspected your Binder and subdocuments, I noticed that you inserted your content into the body instead of the title.

In other words, move your content from the body to the title section, and you will notice that the issue disappears.