Concept to adapt to male or female, depending on how Q&A is filled out

Hi, I would like a concept to adapt to male or female, all depending on how the q&a is being filled in. How do I do that?

Hi Sarah,

You have to create a “change term” change in the Q&A — see in general

This type of change allows you to modify the concept label of a concept — allowing you to actually perform any kind of modification to the concept label, not only from male to female, but also from singular to plural, or perhaps even a completely different label to be used.

Roughly, the procedure is as follows (assuming you already have a concept with some concept label):

  • create a question to ask for the gender
  • add a “change term” change
  • ensure that the change set of which this new “change term” change is a part, has a condition that depends on the gender, so that this change set (and all the changes within in) will only be active when the gender is male (or female)
  • in the “change term” change, change the concept label to male (or female)

For example, with a concept “child” that you would like to either print as “girl” (= the default) or as “boy”.

  • Create a true/false question “Is the child a boy?”
  • Add a “change term” for which the change set’s condition expresses “only apply this change-set if the answer to the question ‘Is the child a boy?’ is equal to true”
  • Change the concept-label of the concept to “boy”, with gender male
  • As a result, the default conceptlabel (= girl) will apply, except if the condition is fulfilled, in which case the conceptlabel will be changed from girl to boy.
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