Condition: contract signed after a certain date

HI, I tried to create a condition requiring a contract to be signed after a certain date for a part of a clause to appear. I drafted this as follows: {#concept^date >= 2010_12_01 : text}

with the datafield of the concept being a date datafield, obviously.

In the clause content body editor, no error of any sort is highlighted with regard to this condition. However, when I try to insert the clause in a document using the ‘assemble document’, i get the following error message:

‘error in condition: value is not a number’

Why is a number expected here, if the datafield is defined as a date?

Hi Mark,

The reason you receive this error notification is because ClauseBase has not yet received a value for the date datafield. As soon as you fill one out, you will see that the condition works as it should.

The problem is that because of this error notification, you are not given the option to fill out the datafield in the datafield menu.

To resolve this, simply add an exclamation mark after the circumflex, but before the start of the datafield. That would turn your condition into the following:

{#contract^!date >= 2010_12_01 : text} (I assume your concept was supposed to be named “contract” and not “concept”)

This forces ClauseBase to invite users to submit the missing value, meaning you can then activate or deactivate the condition. For more information on how this works, check out the following article: