Condition in "change term" and repeating list as answer

Hi! In making a q&a: How do you enter a condition in a ‘change term’, when the answer you need is a question of a ‘repeating list’?

Hi Sarah,

When a condition refers to a question that deals with a repeating list, you can currently only state that the answer to that question “is specified” or “is not specified”.

Can you please describe which type of condition you would like to add, and what type of repeating list you are dealing with (text, numbers, date, …)? Adding conditional logic that deals with repeating list is on our roadmap, but maybe we can prioritize it a bit.

Thx Maarten, well, I’m working with text, with predefined answers. And I would like to specify the change term based on one of those predefined answers.

Could you let us know, when that will become possible to use?

Could i also make a suggestion for repeating lists: in concepts I always add labels in the 3 languages. In Q&A, if I add a card and question for these repeating lists, I would love it that the labels would be copied automatically in the ‘caption’ field of the option in the 3 languages. Like that I don’t have to do the work twice, by typing them in again.

Thanks for the suggestion re. the automatic copying, I’ll try to implement it later this week.

Regarding your initial question: you can actually directly refer to an answer in the “change term”, by choosing the relevant question in the dropdownlist to the right of the singular/plural boxes. So instead of creating several conditions that refer to possible predefined answers, you can actually directly refer to a question’s answer, and insert it into a Concept’s conceptlabel.

For example, assume you have a question that asks “How do you want to label party A in the contract?”, and you have three predefines “X”, “Y” and “Z”.

One way to make sure that X, Y or Z is used as a conceptlabel, is by creating three different “change term” changes, and subject each of them to a different condition (i.e., the first condition saying “the answer to the question must be X”, and the associated “change term” would then hardcode the concept label to X; similar for Y and Z).

The easier approach, however, is to create a single “change term” (without an associated condition) that takes the answer from the question and directly injects it into the concept label. You would do this by simply choosing the question in the dropdownlist to the right.

Thx for implementation!! I will use it often!

For the change term: good suggestion, but in my situation the predefined term is for example ‘Mr.’, from which you can deduct this person is male and because he is male, I want the conceptlabel to adapt to the male version of it. ‘Ms.’ would be for the female version. For example waitor and waitress. For a text datafield this works well. When it’s a repeating list, this can’t be solved with the conditions… for now…?

Now I’ve added the true/false question: are you male? But i’ld prefer less questions.

For now, this can indeed not be solved, because conditions in the Q&A cannot yet deal wih repeating lists. But I’ll prioritize it in the development roadmap.


@sarah.verbeke : I just added a feature “add datafield’s predefines” to add all the predefined values of the datafield you selected in the Q&A. (As opposed to “add predefines”, which adds a single, blank predefine)

This feature will show up in the next version, probably to be released this weekend.


Hi Sarah,

I just added the possibility to refer attach conditions to repeating-lists (i.e., table-based answers) in the Q&A mode.

See the short overview movie:

This update will be rolled out in the next release, at the latest this weekend.

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