Conditional column using list of texts datafield

It seems that if you want to make a column of a table optional with an internal snippet and work with a list or text datafield in this internal snippet, you get an error. For instance:

|| @SNIPPET ||
|| conditional column ||

SNIPPET = {"alpha" in #beta}

The error wants me to use an operator, but I just want to use the condition to make the column optional.

Hi Bernd,

You should write it as follows:

|| {@SNIPPET} ||
|| conditional column ||

SNIPPET = "alpha" in #beta

So you need to:

  • surround the column condition with curly braces (otherwise that internal snippet will be treated as text to be inserted)
  • remove the curly braces from the body of the snippet (you need curly braces there if you want the internal snippet to behave as a constant value, while here you want to treat it as a pure condition)

Thanks Maarten!