(Conditional) pre-defined answers in repeating datafield


I am trying to figure out how I can add (conditional) pre-defined answers to a repeating datafield.

Use-case is as follows:
#company^court-area= repeating datafield ==> pre-defined answers should be: Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels.
#company^court-division = repeating datafield ==> pre-defined answers should be conditional. If #company^court-area = “Antwerp” : Antwerp, Mechelen, … | “Ghent”: Ghent, Turnhout, Dendermonde, …

We have a ‘dirty’ fix, by adding the pre-defined answers to the (court-division) datafield (rather than in the Q&A) and having a dedicated data-field per division for the court area ==> #company^court-area-antwerp, with the pre-defines Antwerp, Mechelen, etc…
But there should be a better/alternative way?

In a typical non-repeating setup you would do this by setting up two (or more) spreadbases which you can use to filter related data (cf. https://help.clause9.com/integrations/spreadbases#filtering-on-other-values).

However, there is a much easier solution here and that is to set up just one spreadbase with all of the areas with their related divisions (so two columns, area and division).

After setting up the related integration, you can just assign the respective receive tags to the repeating list datafields, and the information will be completed automatically.