Conjugations in Dutch: "ons" vs. "onze"

I had a look at this page but couldn’t find the answer there.

I have this piece of code: <Ons: beleid> #beleid stelt... but “ons” should become “onze” when the concept label of #beleid (which is now “het beleid”) would change to “de verklaring”. It seems to work with “his” or “her”, but not with “ons” for instance.

How should I resolve this?

For Dutch, ClauseBase currently does not conjugate adjectival forms (like the usage of “ons” in your example use).

ClauseBase currently only conjugates “ons” as a pronoun, e.g. to differentiate between “geeft dit aan ons” vs. “geeft dit aan hem”.

This may sound strange for a company based in Flanders, but so far we have almost never seen the need to conjugate adjectives in Dutch contract-like documents. (The underlying problem is that there exists no dictionary of conjugations for Dutch (not even Onze Taal offers it), so such list needs to be compiled manually, e.g. by extracting Wikipedia. We did this ourselves for nouns and verbs, but so far have not really seen the need for adjectives.)

Probably the best way forward is to differentiate between male/female/neutral concept-labels using @is-male, @is-female and @is-neutral, and perhaps even put this in a small snippet which you can call using @#file.

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Ok thank you Maarten.

Hi Maarten, just wondering, but does such dictionary of conjugations for Dutch exist now? Or perhaps it could be compiled by AI :)?