Convert existing document to a binder

Is it possible to convert an existing saved document and connected Q&A to a binder?

A possible solution would be to create a new binder and then send it to Q&A again, but some parts get lost when importing a copy of a card (e.g. categories of cards and conditions for switching default answers).

It’s not entirely clear to me what you try to do (could you perhaps explain?), but just to be sure — the “Change document underlying this Q&A” button is not relevant for your situation?


I have never seen this button before :-), but I believe this would indeed solve my problem. I checked the documentation on Q&As, but I can’t find why I’m not able to click this button?


It’s disabled when you have not yet saved the Q&A before, or when there are outstanding undos. (In other words: hit save first!)

(I just changed the button to give this hint, thanks for the implicit suggestion.)

Solved, thanks!

(I saved the document but closing and opening again did solve it)