Cross-reference to a document

How do I make a cross-reference to a document (e.g.: an annex or a schedule) instead of a clause?

Cross-referencing from a clause to a document works the same way as it does from one clause to another clause. For a primer: click here. The only difference is that instead of linking a clause to a concept, you now have to link an entire document to a concept.

There are two ways to do so.

First of all, you can navigate to the document you want to make a cross-reference to in your library ( browse files menu), select it and click the blue pencil icon. From there, just navigate to the " links" menu for this document and attach the appropriate link - in the same way as you would for a clause. Save the document, and you can now make a cross-reference to that document.

Secondly, you can also open a document in the assemble document menu, go to the “document” tab of the operations toolbar and click “document properties”. From there, add a link to a concept as you would for a clause.

Note that there are different ways in which you can format a cross-reference to a document (e.g.: do you want to refer to “Annex 3 ( Pricing )”, “Schedule 3” “Appendix 3.2 to this Master Services Agreement”,…?). For more information on that, click here.