Currency datafields appear as numbers and letters

How do I make sure that datafields which have been recorded as currencies appear in numbers and letters?

So, for example “35” should appear as “35 (thirty-five)”.

There are a couple of different ways to approach this:

  • Special functions: In this case, you might want to make use of the special function @fullnr. This function allows you to have a number written out. For more information and an example, please see this article.
    To answer your question, what you first need to do is make the datafield a repeating list datafield. Next, you enter the datafield, followed by the special function in brackets.
    Here’s an illustration:
    #product^price (@fullnr(product^price)) will be shown as for example 35 (thirty-five)

  • Styling In the Assembly Document mode, under “styling” you need to navigate to “local”. This is where you can adjust how the currency should be displayed.