Currency Symbol: displaying "EUR" instead of "€"


I have a styling question related to currencies. I want to display my currencies as “EUR 20,000.00” instead of “€ 20,000.00”.

Under Admin>Styles>Locale, I can set the currency symbol to (in-)visible, so I am considering turning it off and hard-coding “EUR” into the clause. Is there a way to change the currency symbol from “€” to “EUR” instead?

Thanks a bunch!


Hi Kai,

Should be feasible! These are the Locale styling elements you need to set up:

Toggling OFF the currency symbol changes “€” to “EUR”

Toggling ON the Order setting then places “EUR” before the amount.

Hey Senne,

thanks so much, it worked! I just assumed that turning the Currency symbol “off” would not display anything - the way it already works is actually a lot more sensible.

Thanks again