Custom styling the scheme of a specific clause

A lot of contracts start of with recitals (‘Whereas’). These recitals often have a different kind of numbering compared to the rest of the contract (f.e.,recitals scheme = A, B, C, … and the rest of the contract = 1., 2., 3., …)

How can I change the scheme of styling of this one particular clause and leave the styling scheme of the rest of the contract unchanged?

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Unfortunately, this is currently a limitation of the system: the numbering system will be consistent across the entire document. With the current version of the software, it will therefore not be possible to deviate at one specific place from the numbering scheme.

I suppose you could make recital paragraphs as bullets (*), and then set a special bullet scheme (A, B, C or any other). Under the current setup, this scheme would apply to all the bullets contained in the document, but this would not be a problem if the rest of the document does not use bullets.