Datafield special tags


I would like to integrate with the Belgian companies register to automatically extract data, which seems possible:

I added the special tag (entity-name) to the concerned datafield (#client^name, being a free text datafield), but nothing seems to have changed?

What I am hoping for is that I can add/look for the name (or company number) and all datafields (name, address, company number) are completed automatically.

What additional steps should I take?


Hi Tom,

Just checked - I believe this was due to the OpenCorporates integration not being activated for your company’s account. Activated it just now, can you check whether it is now showing up in the relevant Q&A?

Hi Robbert,

No, it still doesn’t work.
The only thing I did was add a special tag as you can see below
I probably forget to activate or adapt something additional, somewhere?

The functionality works when I use a ‘regular’ user account.
It does not work when I use my admin account…

Next to that, is there a way to ‘link’ the different datafields? So you just need to look for the name or number and the remainder of the information (address) is completed accordingly and automatically?

Yes - just add special tags to all the datafields that need to get the available information automatically and it will work exactly as you described!

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