Deepl Integration

Where can I find the Deepl integration?

In order to translate a clause, you first need to open the content body.


Next, open the language box you want the text to be translated to. In this example, let’s say we want to translate an English clause to French.


Now, all that is left to do is click on the three dots on the right-hand side and choose the “translate from” option. Since the orginial clause, in this case, is written in English, we will need to translate the clause from English.



Is it possible to generate translations for multiple languages at once? For example if the available languages are English, French, and Dutch, then click the ellipsis and chose translate all from English? I see that option is available when translating the file name but I don’t see it for content title or body. Or is it necessary to click on French and translate from English, then click Dutch and click translate from English?

Translating multiple languages at once is currently not implemented. Could be useful to add (I’ll put it on the secondary roadmap), but at the same time I’m wondering whether this will not give a false sense of speed to the user.

After all, you will almost always have to do some cleanup when entire paragraphs are being translated, because no matter how good DeepL’s translations tend to be, they will also inherently contain glitches (e.g., the use of synonyms across different paragraphs).

Yes, it would save you a mouse click or two if you would be able to translate all languages in advance, but most of your time you will be cleaning the DeepL result any — so those mouse click will not make a difference.

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