Dev and Live version?

Right now, I am pretty happy with the state of my database. Most things work, and documents are being created by users.

However, I have some changes on the horizon that I want to implement and test first before pushing them to the live database used by users. As these go beyond changing single clauses, I do not think that Clause versioning is what I am looking for..

Whilst I could ask the C9-Team to create a copy of the current data onto my sandbox, is there any way for me to do this myself? Letting me develop and test changes on a “Development” version, then pushing them to the live database once ready. This is my feature request - a Dev version, similar to Sandbox, to prepare updates on.

On that note - having scheduled backups of the data would be really nice for peace of mind, and restoring to a previous version in case I break things.

There are ways of working in the current set-up of Clause9 that enable you to reach a similar result. What I sometimes do to test substantial changes to templates is the following:

  1. Create a separate copy of the underlying document.

  2. In that copy, replace the clauses that need changing/updating by a new copy of that clause (to avoid changing the original text).

  3. Save the new document (e.g. “Consultancy Agreement - Test version”)

  4. Make a copy of the accompanying Q&A, replace the underlying document by the test version of the document and make any changes to the Q&A as required.

Now you have a version of the clauses, document and Q&A that is separate from the original version and where you can make any changes needed.

As soon as you are satisfied the changes work as intended, the final step would be to rename the test Q&A and document, remove the original Q&A/document and delete any obsolete clauses.