Deviating styling of a clause using a custom font


I want to use a custom font, which I uploaded with a Word document, to deviate the styling of a paragraph in a clause.

Is this possible? It could look like this, but does not seem to work.

% font size 8 pt, font name #copperplate %

If not, then I will maybe make the paragraph into a separate clause and custom style this clause?

Thank you!

Best regards,


Hi Mark,

Have you consulted the help-document about custom fonts?

It is not possible to use the % ... % approach, but you can indeed use a custom font on a per-clause basis, with custom styling for that clause.

Tip: graphic & font-heavy documents that would at the same time be light on legal content / legal customizations, may sometimes be better served by creating DOCX-based documents, because of the entirely different approaching (“top-down” from a template that you slighlty modify, instead of “bottom up” by stacking clauses into an empty document). We still have to document this top-down approach, but it’s not that different from how ClauseBuddy’s Smart Templates feature works, so you may want to check out