Differences in enumerated lists

I am trying to understand why the two lists used in the paragraphs below:


use different numbering scheme:


It seems as if paragraph 2.2. is using the second level formatting:


But I fail to understand why as both lists are of the same level?

Any ideas?

You are right that 2.2 is using the second level formatting. This is caused by the fact that you use a list-of-texts datafield (i.e. #force-majeure-event^negative-list) inside an enumeration. When a list-of-texts datafield gets “expanded” into a regular paragraph, it is converted into an enumeration. Hence the enumeration-within-an-enumeration result.

The easiest way to solve this is to simply drop the surrounding { LIST | ... } construction around the datafield in 2.2. If you happen to have the enumerations -> items in the same block of text --> always number the items styling setting active, then the bare list-of-texts datafield will get converted into a numbered list automatically.

If you do not have this styling setting set to active, or if you really want to be sure that — irrespective of the styling that happens to be active — you always want to convert the datafield into a numbered list, then you should use @enumerate-numbered(#force-majeure-event^negative-list), or one of its variations, instead of the {LIST | ... } construction.

All makes sense. Thank you for the suggestions!