Different word for clause in schedules / sub-documents

Kindly add a feature to allow for clauses in Schedules to be referred to as paragraphs or otherwise.

Hi Robert,

Are you suggesting to simply add “paragraph/paragraphs” to the current list (see below)?


Hi Maarten,

That would be a first step, next would be to allow the use of one set in the main document e.g. Section / Sections, while using Paragraph / Paragraphs in the subdocuments. This is quite common practice.

In the next release (later this week) you will be able to select “paragraph” / “paragraphs”.

As regards the switch between “clause” <–> “paragraph” in the main document versus the Schedules: we will implement this, but it will be part of a bigger feature change, that will allow you to differentiate some parts of the styling between the various subdocuments of a Binder. So this will not only allow you to switch between clause/paragraph, but for example also allow to have Schedules in 2 columns, while the main document has one column only.

The biggest issue in implementing this, is probably the user interface, because the user essentially has to be able to choose, for each subdocument and for each of the styling settings, whether the Binder’s setting — if set at all — will take precedence, taking into account that this will not even be possible for all of the styling features (because some of them really need to be uniform across the entire Binder).

Thanks Maarten,

Yes, that’s a tricky one. My quick thoughts: first I thought yes having this setting in the binder makes sense but you’re right, it gets unweildy quickly, it seems the current practice may be best where the binder pick the native setting of the document though this may mean reconfiguring the binder to be a bit more flexible.