Documentation: list of all special functions gone?

Hi all,

my most used bookmark is the long list of all special functions, which used to be under

Today, I noticed it now redirects to the new documentation site, Whilst I like this new site overall, I miss a page which includes all special functions. I find it very useful to keep open as a reference, and either use “ctrl + f” or the Links at the top of the page to look through different special functions.

Is this gone permanently ?


Maybe the new documentation site is a better option than the long list - I will try working with this for the next weeks and then see if I still miss the old version.

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Hi Kai,

It is definitely a different way of working and I had to take some time to adapt to it as well, but I find that using the native search function of the new help site (with shortcut Ctrl + K), I can usually find all the special functions I need.

We will keep evaluating this and if there is a strong preference to return to having the entire list on one page, I am sure we can do that.

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