Drag & Drop Integrations and repeating-list Datafields

Hello everyone,

I am finally diving into Drag & drop integrations (“DDI”) and looking into compatibility with my current documents.

At the moment, my multiple contract parties are managed of several repeating-list-datafields, such as #party^first-names and #party^last-names. As such, my Q&A questions are of the “Table” type. I am aware that this will increase complexity compared to only having a single party, but most of our documents have many parties that all require data.

What I am trying to understand with DDI:

  1. Are DDI compatible with Table-type Q&A questions? For External Data Input XLSX files, I see the option to add multiple Cell(s) - how would I do this?

  1. How is external table data input into the Q&A? Assuming that my External XLSX file looks like this:

From here, I would want to add B2-F2 to my #party^last-names, and C3-F3 to #party^first-names. Would the import know to add the fields C2 and E3 as “blank” entries? Getting “Castles, Charles” would be unfortunate.

Thanks a lot!


I want to add to this with another question:

  1. Does External Table Data support XLSX files with multiple tabs? It looks like my import data will be split into two tabs, I am wondering if this is supported or if I need to figure out how to re-format my data into a single tab.


Thanks again!


Hi Kai,

We have updated the software to support your requests. Please have a look at the updated documentation.

Essentially, for your example, you can refer to the last names with B2:F2 and to the first names with B3:F3 (and if there are more names, you can extend it even further, e.g. B2:Z2 and B3:Z3, respectively).

You can also refer to different Excel sheets using an exclamation mark, e.g. 'Natural people'!B2:F2 ; note that you have to use single quotes because of the same in the sheet’s name.

By the way, this mimics standard Excel notation.

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Hey Maarten,

this looks really great! Thanks for the thoughtfulness you put into this solution. Will test this out.