Drop the sub-article number when there is only one paragraph


I would like to (automatically) remove the paragraph number in an article when there is only one paragraph.


For example here, I do want to keep my title “13 Mobile Phone” but I want to remove 13.1. and have the sentence start at the same level of the title.
I believe the option of deactivating “show clause title” will not help as then the entire clause title disappears?

Is there also an automatic way for the system to detect that there is only one paragraph? Indeed, when working with conditional paragraphs, it is not always possible to determine in advance how many paragraphs will be included in one article.

Thank you for your help.


Hi Astrid,

This is indeed possible via a central styling option. Just go to Styling >> Headings >> Scheme and select “Dont assign numbers to isolated sub-headings”