"Dynamic" text in questionnaire question, such as a term or conditional text

I would like to be able to change question text based on datafield answer. For example, based on prior answers in a Q&A, can text within a later question be changed to the word “person” or “company” depending on whether a datafield value is “individual” or “entity”? Similarly, I’d like to use a term as part if the text of a Q&A question, e.g. : “City in which #Issuer is located.” This does not seem to work.

I know that I can create an entirely different version of the same question, using slightly different question text, to accomplish this – but this seems like far more work.

Hi Kenneth,

This is an ideal use case for the “Change placeholder” change (see https://help.clausebase.com/kb/types-of-changes/#change_placeholder). For example:

  • Add ?person_or_company as a placeholder to your questions
  • Add a first change set, and subject it to a condition reflecting the situation when the end-user is dealing with a person
  • Add a “Change placeholder” change to that change set, changing the placeholder to “person”
  • Repeat with a second dataset for the company-situation.

See the short video for an introduction to this functionality:

This is great. I was successful with the Change Placeholder, at least as far as inserting the value of a datafield.

Is there a way to insert the term for the concept? E.g., if I have a concept “investor” and in the document in question, I am using the term “holder,” can I specify to use the term, and if the term changes, the Q&A will adjust accordingly?

If you ask the end-user for the term in some question, then you can indeed use the answer to that question as the value of the placeholder in the “change placeholder” change.