Emphasising certain words by using colour codes


I would like to emphasise certain words by putting them in a different colour. However, the colour code immediately applies on the rest of the sentence too.

For example:

% font color #BA1714 % ~To do:~\ alpha.

In this sentence, I only want “to do” in the specified colour and not “alpha”. The colour code will be applied on “alpha” too.

How can I change this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Isha,

Using % .. % will always affect the entire paragraph, so this is indeed not the right way to approach it.

We have a few features on the roadmap that will go into this direction. To give a sneak peek:

  • @color(some-text, "#aaabbb") will allow you to color certain words in a specific hex-based color
  • @emp will allow you to “emphasize” a certain word. The default setting will be to have the contents appear bold, but through the styling settings you can customize this in a centralized way — e.g. to have it appear blue italic, or red Courier underlined.