Enabling a clause on the basis of a true or false answer in a repeating list data-field

Dear community,

I’m trying to enable a clause in an SPA on the basis of one or more sellers being natural persons.

#seller^legal-person is a “True/False” repeating list datafield, that can be answered either TRUE or FALSE for any number of Sellers. I now want to write a condition that stipulates the following: If for any of the Sellers #seller^legal-person=FALSE, the clause is enabled.

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance for your tips!

Kind regards,

Hi Hans,

If you want to enable the clause as soon as at least 1 usage of “#seller^legal-person” is equal to false, then I would use the following setup in your Enabled? menu for that clause:

false in #seller^legal-person

This basically says that if there is a single “false” in the list of values as set up by the datafield #seller^legal-person, then this clause needs to be shown.

Hope that helps!

It worked! I thought i had tried that, but maybe not :slight_smile: Thanks for the swift reply!