Enabling/disabling a subclause

Within a clause I want to have the choice between two subclauses, so option 1 or option 2. I thought I could use the true / false type datafield for this, but if I follow the steps from the tuturial, the entire clause has been struck through in red instead of only the sub-clauses.

Hi Isabelle,

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I assume you have created three different clause-files, and positioned two of them as sub-clauses below the third one.

If so, then you have to add an “enabled?” condition to the two sub-clauses, where both of them are the inverse of each other. For example, if your true/false datafield is called “#alpha^visible”, then the enabled?-condition in the first subclause should simply be #alpha^visible, while the enabled?-condition in the second subclause should be #alpha^visible = false or (not #alpha^visible)

You should not put the enabled?-condition in the main clause, because that would disable all three clauses (as a sub-clause is automatically disabled when its “parent” clause is disabled).

Does this explanation make sense for you?