Ennumerated lists with only two items

I am working on a Multi-member LLC Agreement. It is possible for the agreement to have any number of managers and I have used repeating variables for the member’s names and a repeating true/false variable to indicate if the member is a manager. I have a clause that lists the managers and I used the following function to find and list the name of the managers:

@enumerate-and(@filter-by-indices(#owners^name, @filter-indices(#owners^manager, @x = true))).

I have set my ennumeration styling to include a comma between each item in the list. However, this results in a grammatical problem if there are only 2 managers. The output for the two managers is
“Name1, and Name2.” Typically, you would only use the , between items if there are 3 or more items in the list. Is there a setting or function I can use to remove the comma if there are less than 3 managers?

Hi Elmer,

It’s the following setting, which you seem to have enabled as a default style in your account:

Hey Maarten,

I see the setting that you are referencing.

However, we use the Oxford comma, which does not include a comma for lists with 2 items, but uses a comma between each item and the and/or for lists with 3 or more items.

So for a list of 3 or more items it would be formatted as “Item 1, Item 2, and Item 3.” However, if the list is only 2 items it would be formatted as “Item1 and Item 2.”

Here is a website that explains it a little more clearly.

Does that make sense?


Hi Elmer,

Thanks for the clarification. We just solved this issue, it will be available on the US server tomorrow.

Hi Maarten,

Thank you. This is one of the last outstanding issues in the template, so I look forward to wrapping it up.