Entire document repeating

I have worked with repeating lists and clauses in a limited capacity, but I was wondering if it is possible to create a Q&A that could repeat an entire document. I understand that is probably unclear, so here is the scenario.

I have created templates for Multi-member LLC Agreements (MMLLC) and Founder Agreements. I would like to create a binder that would create the MMLLC and Founder Agreements at the same time. So the Q&A would create one MMLLC and between 2 and X Founder Agreements that would pull the founder information from questions answered in the MMLLC. Is this possible?

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Hi Elmer,

This is certainly possible.

To repeat a clause, you use the “Repeat clause” menu in the Advanced pane when you click on a clause (see below). In the dropdown box, you select the repeating list datafield that triggers the repeat.


To repeat a document, you use the same functionality, only this time the “Repeat document” dropdown box is located in the Binder pane (see below).


In your situation, I presume the Founder Agreement repeat would need to be triggered by a repeating list datafield that identifies the name of an individual Founder (e.g.: #founder^name).

Does that work for you?

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I think it will. I will experiment and update if I have any problems I can’t figure out. Thanks for the prompt response!

I hope thread necromancy is ok.

I have set up a repeating document in a binder. I have worked on this up to a QnA. In the QnA, I am selecting for every subdocument to be a separate subdocument. However, the repeated documents are all showing up in a single document. Is there a setting to make repeated documents come out as separate documents?

There is currently no setting to change this behaviour, but your request actually made us wonder whether this behaviour should indeed not be the default.

We therefore changed it, so that repeating subdocuments are exported as separate files in a ZIP when the “Export as separate subdocuments” options is enabled.

Can you check with your document?

I just tested and it worked. Thank you!

This setting works if you manually select export as separate subdocuments.

However, I added a changeset to the template to automatically set to export as separate subdocuments once another datafield is specified and it started exporting as one word document against. When this changeset is active, I cannot manually select export as separate subdocuments, so I think the changeset is what is causing it not to export a zip file.

It’s indeed correct that, once a change-set regarding the “export as separate subdocuments” is active, this menu option is deliberately hidden. The idea is that the change-set should then control that setting, e.g. using some question’s answer.

Sorry, let me clarify.

When the changeset is active, the Q&A only exports a word file instead of a zip file. The only way to get the zip file is to get rid of the changeset and manually select “Export as Separate Subdocuments.”

In my quick testing with a sample file, it seems to work. Can you send me the File ID of your Q&A?