Entire document repeating

I have worked with repeating lists and clauses in a limited capacity, but I was wondering if it is possible to create a Q&A that could repeat an entire document. I understand that is probably unclear, so here is the scenario.

I have created templates for Multi-member LLC Agreements (MMLLC) and Founder Agreements. I would like to create a binder that would create the MMLLC and Founder Agreements at the same time. So the Q&A would create one MMLLC and between 2 and X Founder Agreements that would pull the founder information from questions answered in the MMLLC. Is this possible?

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Hi Elmer,

This is certainly possible.

To repeat a clause, you use the “Repeat clause” menu in the Advanced pane when you click on a clause (see below). In the dropdown box, you select the repeating list datafield that triggers the repeat.


To repeat a document, you use the same functionality, only this time the “Repeat document” dropdown box is located in the Binder pane (see below).


In your situation, I presume the Founder Agreement repeat would need to be triggered by a repeating list datafield that identifies the name of an individual Founder (e.g.: #founder^name).

Does that work for you?

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I think it will. I will experiment and update if I have any problems I can’t figure out. Thanks for the prompt response!