Error message: table with conditional rows

We received the following question from one of our clients and thought the answer might be useful for other members of the forum too:

I created a table with a horizontally merged cell in the first row and a conditional row in the second row.

|| >> #Client  ||
||#-client's form, name: || #second-party^legal-person-form-and-name || {#second-party^type = "legal"} ||

However, an error message pops up when I try to save the clause. How do I fix this?

ClauseBase will prompt an error message since there is only a single cell in the first row (albeit a merged one), whereas the following row contains two cells. This can be solved in two ways.

  1. > instead of >>: Instead of using the >> code, you can use > to horizontally merge the cells in the first row. Using only one “greater-than sign” will only merge the cell with the neighbouring cell, while a double “greater-than sign” will merge all cells. Since there are only two horizontal cells, both of the codes will lead to the same result in the present case.

  2. @merge-tables special function: You can use the @merge-tables function to combine the first and the second table row. That way, you can also either use the > or >> code to merge the cells of the first row.