Filenames from Smart Templates

I know in Clause9 it is possible to add coding to a QnA to change the filename of the output. Is that possible using a ClauseBuddy smart template? If so, can you provide some information to get started?

Hi Elmer,

Yes that’s possible, and it’s actually quite easy. The trick is to use the “export-filename” special-tag (most easily inputted through the “…” at the right).

You will probably want to insert a default value. You can also include special codes for the date in the value, e.g. {date yyyy}.

Do note that

  • ClauseBuddy does not currently allow to make questions invisible to the end-users (unlike Clause9)
  • this setting only has effect when the end-user is creating either a PDF-file, or a DOCX file within the browser. When creating a DOCX file within MS Word, it is unfortunately not possible to control the filename of the new document’s window that gets created.