Forcing decimals in a Smart Template created through ClauseBuddy

I created a smart template using ClauseBuddy for an equity grant agreement. The agreement contains a statement of the purchase price. The purchase price should be out to 2 decimal places. So if the price is $1.70, I want it to display as $1.70. However, the trailing 0 is being dropped off, so it is displaying as $1.7. I know I can work around this using special functions in a regular template, but I am having trouble adding special functions when creating a template through ClauseBuddy. I tried to use the inspect option and add the special function in the provided menu, but it showed up with an error and showed the text in the generated document instead of adding the extra decimal place.

Can you advise on if it is possible to use special functions in a Smart Template? And if so provide a screenshot showing a correctly formatted special function in the inspect screen?