Heading styling for "keep with next" problem

I have my styling set to use “keep with next” under our Headings styling, but in this instance, the Heading is not being kept with the next paragraph which is a level lower on Headings.

Is there a way to make it stay together?

Hi Elmer,

I guess this is an MS Word issue, on itself unrelated to ClauseBase.

Usually this happens when you have enabled the “Keep with next” for multiple levels at once, in particular both a title level and a more body-related level (in your case the level of the 5. and the level of the (a)).

(You can check this in the paragraph settings in MS Word, by right clicking on the style in question, and going to Format → Paragraph → Line and Page Breaks.)

If you have indeed enabled this setting for multiple levels, then MS Word can arrive at situations where it is impossible to comply with your settings, because you essentially ask it to keep all those paragraphs at the same page, while your document contains multiple pages.

The end result is that MS Word then almost randomly decides which paragraphs to keep or move to a next page. You don’t always notice this, because in this randomness it sometimes takes good decisions, while some other times it creates huge gaps.

Conclusion: you should only enable this setting for title-like levels, so in your scenario probably only the level at 5.