Headings and Bullet Formatting

I am working on a document that includes many bullets under various provisions, but I am running into something strange in the styling. If it is a level one heading, the bullets appear even with the heading (see the screenshot below).

However, when the bullets appear under a level two heading, the bullets tab over. (see the screenshot below).

The only reason, I can think of for the discrepancy is that my level one headings and level two headings are indented an even amount, but my level three headings are indented 0.5 inches. Is it pulling this setting when I create bullets under the respective headings?

I would really like to be able to indent my bullets under my level 1 headings to the same location as the bullets under my level 2 headings, but I cannot seem to figure out how to make it so. Is there a way to do this?

Hi Elmer,

Could you check whether there is a difference in the “align body text & bullets” setting between your headings on L1 and headings on L2?


Hey Maarten,

Hope you’ve been well!

I checked and the settings look the same.


If you want to check it out in our account. It is goodcounsel > library > documents > grant documents > founder agreement.

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For everyone else’s benefit, I updated the style in the admin tab after applying the style to the document. This means that the final version I had in the admin tab was not applied to the document. I simply had to remove the style from the document and reapply it for the style to change.