Hiding questions that are filled in by Placeholders

I currently have several Q&As set up for clients to self-serve for certain documents. For these clients, I have set up Placeholders for them that will fill in the company name, company address, arbitration preference, etc.

These clients have provided feedback that the questionnaires are too long and that they are intimidating. I think it would help if the questions that are answered by the Placeholders were not visible that could help. Is there a setting that I could use?

I know I could create Q&As that would not include the questions, but I was wondering if there was another way.

Hi Elmer,

This was possible using a workaround (essentially duplicating a question, hiding one and making the other one disabled if a placeholder was filled), but we can now provide a better solution.

In this weekend’s update of the software, you will see a new option “Hide this question when answered” (part of subsection “Interaction”).

This is not only useful for placeholder-based questionnaires, but perhaps also for other situations.


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